About The Office of Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Post Graduate Studies

The University of Sulaimani, ever since the beginning of the process of Higher Education Reform, was the leader in applying and stepping forward towards the implementation of the principles of reform in accordance with the road map that was planned by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, including: Quality assurance, Continuous Academic Development and Studying Programs Developing. Other than that the University of Sulaimani was ahead of Kurdistan universities in stepping towards promoting principles of health and safety awareness. To assure the achievement of this goal, the University has founded a new directorate as one of the administrative foundations.

It’s worth mentioning that the University of Sulaimani benefited from the process of Human Capacity Development, which Kurdistan Regional Government considers very important. In this process, a group of lecturers and undergraduate students of this University were sent abroad to study in PhD and MA programs and, upon the completion of their study, they are coming back.

This office now supporting by Dr. Kawa Abdulla Amin.

Office of Vice President for Scientific affairs and post Graduate Student include the following directorates :