All About The PhD Announcement

Post date: Aug 18, 2015 6:59:25 AM

A distinct meeting with the vice President of University of Sulaimani for the Scientific Affairs, about the PhD announcement.

During the past years Doctorate study (PhD) study were halt at the University of Sulaimani temporally. However, this study has been re-announced on Wednesday 12 August 2015 after the ministerial decision to resume PhD study in most of the universities in Kurdistan Region 2015-2016. The announcement including the Instructions requirements for the applicant and the departments. The department that desires to take the PhD candidates must meet the criteria to take the candidate, and each department must have their own academic staff of the minimum one professor and three assistant professor, otherwise the will not meet the criteria. For this reason the Office of Information Technology (OIT) media team (Ms. Pave Jamel) has interviewed the Professor. Khasraw Abdulla Rashid, the Vice President for Scientific Affairs for this purpose, and during his interview he has said: Fortunately most of our university departments are meeting the criteria to take the PhD candidates, as they meets the ministry of higher education requirements without issue. However, there are a few departments which are not entitled to be part of this programme. We have also managed to collaborate between some departments in order to manage the criteria issues and to enroll most students. The first round of the PhD study merely devoted for those who are working under the Ministry of Higher Educations authority, this is without differentiation between Administrative and Academic staff. We hope this programme will follow and continue to become broader and covers other Ministries in the future.

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